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Attendance Management from Field Locations

  • Report to work from anywhere
  • Location Validation on Punch-In & Punch-Out
  • Real-time synchronization of attendance status
  • Download Detailed Reports


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No more coming to office just to mark your attendance. Handle your attendance routine directly from the field.
Report to work from anywhere
FieldSense enables your field sales force to punch-in to work from anywhere on the field.This lets them get straight to work without having to come to office only to handle the attendance routine.
Location Validation on Punch-In & Punch-Out
FieldSense validates the location of the users from where they punch in and the data gets available to reporting heads at a glance.
Real-time synchronization of attendance status
FieldSense transparently synchronizes the attendance data with the server on a real-time basis.If the user has connectivity issues or is offline, the information is saved locally and then gets transparently synchronized with the FieldSense server as soon the user gets online.
Download Detailed Reports
The web dashboard gives a detailed report of the users’ attendance records.The reporting heads can view and download the attendance data of individual users for a select date range.

Other Features

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