Custom Forms

  • Collect Real-time Data on Smartphones
  • Decide When to Display the Form
  • Build Customized Business Forms


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Custom Forms

Personalized, Paperless and Productive – Discover a new extension to the 4 P’s with Custom Mobile Forms from FieldSense. Find and process information in the most easy, secure and fast way.

Collect Real-time Data on Smartphones

Speed up the process of data collection by avoiding multiple manual entries. Be it order details, surveys, feedback or any other information, FieldSense gives you a limitless scope of collecting data in self-customized fields. Moreover, you also avoid the risk of data loss/ or damage occurring due to paper storage.

Decide When to Display the Form

FieldSense lets you decide when to display the form, e.g. on completing a visit or on check-in. On setting the event, the form automatically pops up on the mobile app of field users.

Build Customized Business Forms

Build specific forms to be completed by your field and sales force anytime, anywhere from their smartphones and tablets.

Other Features

Field & Sales Force Tracking

Get real-time updates of your subordinate’s current location, routes taken and distance travelled.

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Expense Reimbursement Management

Simplified Expense Recording with Transparent Approval and Disbursal Process! No more spreadsheets and paperwork. No more back-and-forth emails between Managers, HR and Accounts.

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Attendance Management from Field Locations

No more coming to office just to mark your attendance. Handle your attendance routine directly from the field.

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Field & Sales Force Reporting

Ensure your Field Force visits your customer on time. Get Instant Insights Into Your Sales Process From Anywhere!

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