What is FieldSense?

FieldSense consists of an intuitive and simple mobile app along with a powerful web-based dashboard that together form an effective sales force tracking, monitoring and reporting system.

How can FieldSense help my business grow?

Sales Automation: FieldSense helps the managers stay completely on top of their teams by letting them track every field activity like location of the sales force, scheduled & completed visits, meeting outcomes, and the ability to interact with the field & sales force using closed-group instant messaging Workflows: FieldSense integrates convenient workflows for managing the on-field expense reimbursements, attendance management and even some elements of a CRM-backend (coming soon). Improved Productivity: The FieldSense mobile app allows your field staff to perform virtually all their routine administrative tasks from field locations like submitting visit reports & expense reimbursement claims, scheduling field visits and recording visit outcomes and follow-up tasks, and best of all, to even punch in and punch out of their attendance system and check in and check out of their scheduled visits. Your field staff can access the latest information on the customer, collect real-time data through customized business forms, flag their meeting-status to ensure no distractions during that time and validate addresses, locations, contacts and more – along with complete location awareness.

Do I get a free Trial?

FieldSense is a ‘freemium’ system, i.e. the core system is free to use for up to 25-users forever. There will be certain features that will only be available in the Premium flavor, e.g. target setting and monitoring, which will be a charged version. FieldSense is chargeable for over 25-users.

What’s the difference between Free Plan and Gold Plan?

In Free plan, FieldSense allows free usage for up to 25 users. For a requirement of more than 25 users, you are advised to opt in for the Gold Plan in which the charge per user will be Rs.250 per month. Let’s take an example- You have a requirement for 100 users. You decide to evaluate the services of FieldSense with 25 users and post satisfactory evaluation, you decide to upgrade to the Gold Plan that meets your actual requirement for 100 Users. In this case, FieldSense will charge Rs.250 for all 100 users on a monthly basis. So the total monthly charges for 100 users will be: Rs.250×100=Rs.25000.

How does the free trial work?

FieldSense creates a free admin account for you within 24 hours of submitting your requirement online. Your login credentials will be sent to your registered email address, post which you will receive a call from our representative for assistance on using your FieldSense account.

Will I get a free demo?

We are more than glad to visit your office and give a free demo to you and your team. If in case a face to face visit cannot be scheduled due to geographical constraints, we conduct an online demo with the help of any screen sharing application like Skype or TeamViewer. FieldSense has 6 branch offices located in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai with Headquarters in Mumbai.

Will I get a free support post buying FieldSense Gold Plan?

FieldSense has a dedicated support team to assist our customers from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. We provide free support from all our offices across India.

Will I get a free support if I am using FieldSense Free Plan?

FieldSense has a dedicated support team to assist our customers from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. We provide free support from all our offices across India.

Is FieldSense only a mobile app?

FieldSense mobile app comes with a powerful and user friendly web-based dashboard to form an effective sales force tracking, monitoring and reporting system.

Who uses FieldSense Mobile app?

FieldSense mobile app is used by the field and sales personnel.

Who uses FieldSense Web app?

  • Reporting Managers, Sales Heads or even the Directors who want to track the Sales activities
  • Human Resource team to track attendance
  • Accounts team to manage reimbursement claims
  • Inside Sales team to keep close coordination with the field and sales force
  • Field and sales representatives to add customers and view reports when they are off field
  • Admin personnel to add, delete and edit Users and Customers

What are the basic requirements for using FieldSense mobile app?

The mobile device (Handset & Tablets) should have Android Operating System, an internet plan (2G, 3G or 4G) and a GPS enabled for location tracking.

What platform does FieldSense support?

Currently FieldSense mobile app runs on Android and iOS platforms. For back office operations, FieldSense comes with a powerful web-based dashboard.

How to get started after you receive your FieldSense login credentials?

Watch our video tutorial on "How to get started"

Can I login using my mobile number?

A user can login to his FieldSense account using either his mobile number or email address. However while creating user accounts (including the Admin account) it is mandatory to provide the work email.

What is the difference between Punch-in/ Punch-out and Check-in/Check-out?

The Punch-in/Punch-out feature has to do with Attendance, i.e. the field staff can punch-in to work right from the field, and punch-out when he’s done with his last visit for the day. Managers can see the Punch in and Punch out status of their subordinates at one glance on their web dashboard. Check-in or Check-out has to do with on-field events like meeting – this allows your field staff to indicate they’ve entered into or exited out of the scheduled visit. This feature enables the managers to check the availability status of their on-field personnel from the web-dashboard.

Can the field force submit their expense claims from FieldSense mobile app without scheduling a visit?

No. The expense reimbursement process is linked with the actual field visits. The on-field user is expected to add a visit on his mobile app first and then claim for the reimbursement by entering into that visit. This brings both convenience and accountability in the expense reimbursement process.

Can the manager assign visits for the on-field personnel?

Yes, the manager from his web dashboard can assign prior visits for the on-field personnel. Once assigned the on-field user immediately gets an SMS notification on his mobile.

Can I assign a visit for a customer who is not added in my address book?

No. Visit can only be assigned for customers who are added in the customer address book of your FieldSense account.

Learn about adding customers through our video tutorial.