FieldSense brings together workflows and location-awareness to deliver unbeatable productivity in  field-force and sales force automation.

FieldSense recognizes that field and sales force managers need to continuously track and engage with their teams, without burdening their schedules or adding administrative tasks. And it reconciles these seemingly contradictory requirements – smartly!

Starting with the facility for your team to punch-into their attendance system from on-site (obvious, isn’t it?), to adding the address of a new account through the location-awareness mechanism, all the way to the intuitive expense reimbursement workflow, FieldSense ensures that the field force and sales force spend maximum amount of time on the field. And also lets their managers engage with them in real-time, with all the relevant information required to assist.

Check out the FieldSense presentation to see how it can streamline your field and sales force operations and boost on-field productivity.

The Web App features give field and sales force managers a complete overview of their teams’ movements, identify their exact location at all times, share relevant information with them based on their location in real-time, and validate & manage expense claims – keeping them in complete control of their teams at all times, resulting in improved productivity.

The Mobile App features enable your field force to stay on top of their visit schedules, reschedule visits as required, receive and share context-sensitive information, and manage their attendance, expenses & reporting activities directly from the field – making their life simpler, and allowing them to focus completely on their field activities.