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FieldSense goes well beyond just field and sales force tracking, to ensure that they use their time most productively while on the field. Along with providing your field force a number of convenient tools and workflows to let them handle their routine tasks and reporting activities – right from the field.

Take a look at some of the ways in which FieldSense streamlines sales force monitoring and delivers smart sales force automation.

Offline Mode

Offline Mode  


Work Seamlessly In the Absence Of Internet Connectivity.

The productivity of your field and sales force doesn’t have to stop when there’s no internet connectivity. Whether your field force is in the elevator of your customer’s office building or in a remote location, FieldSense Offline mode lets them work seamlessly without an Internet connection. Your team can manage all their routine field activities like punching into the attendance system, scheduling and managing their daily visits, logging visit related expenses, submitting meeting outcomes and collecting data from customers through our customized mobile forms.

FieldSense offline works just like it does when online, barring the navigation services which gets disabled while offline. With the Offline mode, you can rest assured that the latest information is always on hand.

FieldSense is free to use for up to 25-users, so start using FieldSense now.

My Team Interface

Collaborate With Team-members While on the Field  

Collaborate With Team-members While on the Field.

The My Team interface brings even more convenience for the managers as they can now view the location and activities of their entire team at a glance and complete tasks like scheduling visits and approving/rejecting expense reimbursement claims on the move.

Managers can also view their subordinates’ current location, attendance status, meeting status, visits done and expenses claimed on the “My Team Interface”.

Accurate Navigation To The Next Meeting Destination

Accurate Navigation to the next meeting destination  

Turn-By-Turn Navigation For Your Field Force

FieldSense provides your field force and sales force with a real-time visual map pinpointing the location of their next meeting, and the ones after that – making navigation to meeting destinations simpler and faster.

FieldSense is free to use for up to 25-users, so start using FieldSense now.

Customer Address Management

Customer Address Management  

Keep Your Customer Addresses Fresh

The location-awareness in FieldSense serves as a powerful tool for maintaining the quality of your customer address database. Whether it’s a long-standing customer who’s shifted office, or a new prospect being visited for the first time, your sales staff can ‘pin’ the address in FieldSense which ensures that the information is absolutely accurate.

Team-Only Instant Messaging

Team-Only Instant Messaging  


Real-Time Context-Specific Communication

FieldSense lets you interact with your field force and them with each other in real-time, based on their location and context. This allows you to send out any last-minute information conveniently, securely and privately – with delivery notifications to confirm timely receipt. And all messages are also stored in FieldSense for future access.

Attendance Management From Field Locations

Attendance Management from Field Locations  

Report To Work From Anywhere

FieldSense enables your field sales force to punch-in to work from anywhere on the field – along with location validation from where they punched in.

This lets them get straight to work, without having to come into office only to handle the attendance routine.

Activity Report Logging From Field Locations

Activity Report Logging from Field Locations  

Submit Meeting Reports Directly From The Field

Using FieldSense your field force can submit outcomes of meetings right from the time they step out of them – enabling them to report the meeting summary to their team and managers in real-time.

Additionally, FieldSense also enables your sales force to note the follow-up activities, e.g. reminders for the next meeting or a follow-up call) instantly – ensuring that all cases are attended to promptly.

Custom Mobile Forms

Custom Mobile Forms  

Increase your on-field productivity by collecting and sending data in the most easy, secure and efficient manner.

FieldSense Custom Forms lets on-field users to collect real-time data on their smartphones and tablets and submit it right from the field thus speeding up the entire process of data collection and analysis. The custom forms can also be configured to be displayed on the user’s mobile device based on specific events, e.g. on completing a visit, or checking into the meeting, or any other event as per the manager’s requirement.

Be it order details, surveys, feedback or any other information, FieldSense gives you a limitless scope of collecting data in self-customized fields. With Fieldsense Custom forms, you can now avoid the risk of data loss or damage and also eliminate errors that are only too common in the manual entries of your field & sales forces.