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FieldSense goes well beyond just field and sales force tracking, to ensure that they use their time most productively while on the field. Along with providing your field force a number of convenient tools and workflows to let them handle their routine tasks and reporting activities – right from the field.

Take a look at some of the ways in which FieldSense streamlines sales force monitoring and delivers smart sales force automation.

Your Dashboard


Get A Complete Overview Of Your Teams

Sales force monitoring starts from the very first screen once you login – the FieldSense Dashboard provides you with a convenient overview of your field force along with their present location and availability status.

Starting with the staff who directly report to you, the individual cards also show you the visits (if any) already made by the individual, and the online status of his subordinates – a quick way of checking out your teams grouped by team-leaders.

The dashboard also includes quick filters to let you see who’s on-field, off-field, in meetings… We’ll soon be adding in department/division, territory/area, and we’d like to hear from you on what other filters you’d find convenient.

Note: FieldSense will soon integrate target setting and achievement monitoring information in a convenient intuitive manner across the system.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking  

Keep An Eye On Your Team – Through the Day.

The My Team tab in FieldSense lets you drill down to the present location of every single member of your field force along with pertinent information on their day’s schedule and accomplishments.

FieldSense gives you all the information you require to monitor the productivity of your sales force throughout the day. You can view the visits/meetings they’ve scheduled for the day, activities recorded by them during the course of their field movement, and expense claims along with convenient linkage to the linked field activities. All the relevant information to let you quickly and dynamically deploy idle resources to productive assignments – such as visiting old accounts in the locality.

Note: This requires that your staff keeps location services enabled on their handheld device.

FieldSense will soon integrate target setting and achievement monitoring information in a convenient intuitive manner across the system.


FieldSense is free to use for up to 25-users, so start using FieldSense now.

Contextual Information Sharing

Contextual Information Sharing  

Engage Your Team – With Real-Time Contextual Information

FieldSense lets you interact with your field force in real-time, based on their location and context.This allows you to send out any last-minute information conveniently, securely and privately – with delivery notifications to confirm timely receipt. And all messages are also stored in FieldSense for future access.

Accountable Expense Claims

Accountable Expense Claims  

Greater Transparency In Expense Reimbursements

FieldSense allows you to seamlessly link field reimbursements to field visits with location-validation to achieve complete transparency and accountability in reimbursement claims.

FieldSense requires your field staff to map every reimbursement claim with a field visit, which lets you effectively monitor and analyze your salesforce reimbursements. It also features a convenient reimbursement workflow that provides you with all the relevant information for approving or rejecting a claim, and lets your field force see the status of their reimbursement claims conveniently on their smartphone.


Claim expenses for a visit directly from the field. , so start using FieldSense now.

Maintain Your Reporting Structure

Maintain your Reporting Structure  

Replicate And Maintain Your Organizational Hierarchy

FieldSense lets you replicate your entire business structure so you can define who reports to whom – exactly the way it is in your organizational hierarchy. This determines who gets to see what information and who doesn’t – resulting in a friction-free implementation of FieldSense in your company’s field force operations.

Reports & MIS


Attendance And Expense Reports

FieldSense provides you with convenient reports that can easily be exported for use in your internal systems. This presently includes the Attendance Report and the Expense Reimbursement Report for your teams, with more to come as features get baked in.

Please feel free to send in your request and if it’s relevant to all our users, we’ll be happy to incorporate.


Daily Field Movement Summary

Daily Field Movement summary  

View The Routes Covered By Your Field Force During The Day

FieldSense lets you view you the exact routes covered by your salesforce during the course of the day, to ensure optimum geographical distribution of resources.

And you can check out the route-map for any past date too – so that you can give specific feedback during the performance review with your teams.

Custom Mobile Forms – Build your own forms with customized fields.


Enhance your data collection process with customized mobile forms.

FieldSense brings you fully customizable forms that allows you to build specific forms to be completed by your field and sales force anytime, anywhere from their smartphones and tablets. Be it order details, surveys, feedback or any other information, FieldSense gives you a limitless scope of collecting data  right from field locations – letting your field force and sales force spend even more time on the field, which is where they are most required.

The event-based display mechanism of Fieldsense also lets you decide when the form is to be displayed to the field staff, e.g. on completing a visit. And the data submitted by your field and sales force gets compiled in the FieldSense database and can be conveniently accessed from  the Reports section for analysis – setting you well on the way to digital-process management along with the reliability of Cloud-based storage of your information.