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Field Sales Force Reporting

  • Real-time Location Tracking
  • Download Detailed Reports
  • Dynamically Deploy Idle Staff to Productive Assignments
  • Manage Visits & Improve Field Force Productivity
Get real-time updates of your subordinate’s current location, routes taken and distance travelled.
View Attendance Records
Conveniently view and download the attendance data of your field and sales force. View their punch-in and punch-out time and validate the location from where they punch-in and punch-out on a day to day basis.[expand title=”Read More” swaptitle=”Read Less ” trigpos=”below”]The detailed attendance report that can be integrated with your internal attendance system simplifies the entire payroll process for your HR and Accounts Team.[/expand]
Real-time Location Data
The Travel report shows the exact location details of your field force along with the distance travelled. The system keeps updating the data on a continuous basis and reflects into Reports in real-time.[expand title=”Read More” swaptitle=”Read Less ” trigpos=”below”]You can even set the frequency at which you’d like to receive the location data of all your users.[/expand]
Ensure All Visits Are Made on Time
Stay completely on top of your team – view their scheduled and completed visits along with the visit outcomes. Know whether they reach their meeting destinations on time through their check-in and check-out details.[expand title=”Read More” swaptitle=”Read Less ” trigpos=”below”]All these details are available in the Visit Report that can be viewed and downloaded user-wise or collectively for a select date range.[/expand]
Learn Everything about Expenses Incurred
Your field and sales force can submit their expense reports on the go. They can photograph the receipts and attach them with the claims and the expense report becomes available to their reporting heads for action.[expand title=”Read More” swaptitle=”Read Less ” trigpos=”below”]The reporting heads sees complete information about the expenses incurred – like what category of expenses are claimed against which visit, for what amount and at which date. They also see the status of the claims – ‘Approved’, ‘Rejected’, or ‘Disbursed’. You can view user-wise reports for a select date range or download them as per your convenience.[/expand]

Other Features

Expense Reimbursement Management
Simplified Expense Recording with Transparent Approval and Disbursal Process! No more spreadsheets and paperwork. No more back-and-forth emails between Managers, HR and Accounts. Learn More
Custom Forms
Personalized, Paperless and Productive – Discover a new extension to the 4 P’s with Custom Mobile Forms from FieldSense. Find and process information in the most easy, secure and fast way. Learn More
Attendance Management from Field Locations
No more coming to office just to mark your attendance. Handle your attendance routine directly from the field. Learn More
Field & Sales Force Tracking
Get real-time updates of your subordinate’s current location, routes taken and distance travelled. Learn More

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