If you’re like the majority of mid-sized businesses, expense reimbursements to your field and sales staff would be an orphan expense-head. Why? It’s an expense head that belongs to Sales or Support (or other field operations), but tends to be a relatively small percentage of total selling costs. And there’s no incentive for the concerned line-manager to tamper with it, as it would make him deeply unpopular. It doesn’t belong in payroll, so gets omitted when considering the overall Cost-to-Company of field and sales staff.

Nobody owns it – so nobody wants to mess with it.

We’re not really advocating that you cut down your field reimbursements. What we let you do is to get a bird’s eye-view of what the money is getting spent on. Reimbursements typically combine one or more of the following approaches – a flat daily reimbursement, or based on distance traveled in the field, or on visits made. All you need to do is to insist that your field staff check-in and check-out from every visit they make, and we do the rest.

And we also make it simpler and smoother for your field staff to claim their reimbursements – by making the whole process digital. Fast, paperless (if you choose), workflow based, your Accounts department will love it too.

Just a small step in helping your operations go paperless – and generate actionable insights for you.