Biometric systems triggered an interesting efficiency boost to the good old attendance muster – smartly providing access-control, along with the additional benefit of tackling the ‘buddy punch-in’ practice. And most hardware providers also include some kind of software support to store and export the attendance data, making things much more convenient and ‘digital’ for the HR/Payroll operations. So there’s really no disputing the benefits and conveniences of a biometric attendance management system – particularly for access control.

But what about small branch locations, and field-based staff?

While the costs of biometric devices have dropped over the years, it may still not be cost effective to install one in a branch-office or small office location with less than 10-12 staff members – unless, of course, access control is a must-factor.

And even if the device is installed, how do you ensure that the data from the device is synced along with your head-office systems?

Lastly, is the biometric attendance system the optimum mechanism for field workers?

Allow us to propose an alternative mechanism that addresses all the above – a mobile-phone based attendance management system – which can then handle a lot of other administrative tasks, not just for field and sales staff, but also for HR and your Accounts teams.

That’s what FieldSense is all about – get in touch in case you’d like to know more about how FieldSense can streamline your attendance and payroll processes.

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