What would you do if your email architecture suddenly goes for a toss? What if your entire system’s email is hacked; the way Sony Picture’s network was hacked and shared over the Internet? Or what if your boss suddenly asked for a particular email dating a year and a half back?

Such situations don’t come announced, but when they do, a lot of effort is spent on containing it, and even more in restoring the services again. The Archiving module from PostMaster Enterprise is designed specifically for such tricky situations.

PostMaster Enterprise is India’s best-selling email server from QuantumLink Communications (QLC) Pvt Ltd – a company that has been offering products and services oriented towards getting the maximum productivity and utility from the Internet, with specific emphasis in the areas of email, Internet sharing and TCP/IP based knowledge management systems.

While PostMaster ensures unhindered seamless flow of emails to your inbox, the Archiving module enables you to implement reliable and centralized email archiving to guarantee exceptional email maintenance for future references and business continuity.

In the event of a mishap, the Archiving module enables complete mailbox reconstruction within minutes and ensures retrieval of email in completely authentic fashion. The module also complies with all statutory requirements relating to email storage and archiving, thus ensuring that all important email is intact, at all times. Moreover, it also allows archiving of email on a separate machine – improving load handling and data security.

With the PostMaster Enterprise Archiving module working in the background, you can rest assured that your email will always remain safe, no matter what, and hence focus on more important tasks. We don’t think there would be anything else that would sound like music to your network administrator, than knowing that they no longer have to worry about that humongous volume of emails making rounds across your organization’s vast network!