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FieldSense ® Data Privacy Statement

What is the purpose of this document?
QuantumLink Communications Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “QLC”) and the FieldSense platform are committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. This privacy statement describes how we collect and use your personal information and data, in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It applies to all users of the FieldSense service and website visitors, known through this document as “users” or “data subjects”. The FieldSense/QLC is a “data controller”, which means that as per the GDPR, we are responsible for deciding how we hold and use personal information about you. We are required under data protection legislation to notify you of the information contained in this privacy statement. We may update this statement at any time. It is important that you read this statement, together with our Terms of Use to have a clear and complete understanding of how we categorize data and process it.
User(s):User(s) also referred to as You or Yours in this Privacy Policy are the Customers, Administrators and End users of the Services. Customer(s):Offices, Firms, Legal Entities, Organizations engaged in business or otherwise, to whom the Service is provided. Administrator:Any and all individuals appointed by Offices, Firms, Legal Entities and such other organizations, to administer the use of Services. End User:Employees and/or staff of Customers using the Service, .and other users of the website and/or the Service not covered under the definition of Customers and Administrators. Services:Services provided by QuantumLink Communications Pvt. Ltd. through its FieldSense Platform, Mobile Application, Web Application and website User data:All information collected from the Users who use the Services or visit the website Personal Information:Information provided by the User such as email, name, date of birth, gender, Internet Protocol address and such other information identifying the User including credit card or other payment information submitted to us through use of the Services. Business Data:Any personal information and data of User(s) provided by Customers and Administrators for use of the Services will be considered business data.
Information We Collect
We collect User data by the use of Cookies, third party web beacons and buttons, ad tags, device identifiers, & Internet Protocol identifiers. We also collect contents of your user account, device used to access Services, usage details, third party information stored in your user account, information provided to any third party through use of the Services. It is also to be noted that we collect information from visitors who browse our website even if the Service is not used.
How we collect the information
FieldSense may collect and receive User data in a variety of ways:
  1. Account Information: Personal Information provided to create or update a FieldSense account.
  2. Usage Information:
Choice to Opt out
User has the choice to opt out and not provide information that is being sought for use of the Services. However, opting out or not providing the complete information will disqualify you from using the Services.
How We Use Information
The User data is collected to provide, improve, personalize, support and make the Services more relevant. The information is also used for research, development of the Services and to track user behavior and preferences. Information collected from User(s) helps us to recommend content, provide alerts and notifications, and provide business insights to Users and the organisation that employs them. The User data could also be used to create effective advertising and marketing of the Services. FieldSense uses information provided by you for the following purposes:
Data Retention
FieldSense will retain User Data in accordance with a Customer’s instructions, including any applicable terms in the Customer Agreement and Customer’s use of Services functionality, and as required by applicable law. Customer may be able to customize its retention settings and apply those customized settings at the account level. The deletion of Customer Data and other use of the Services by Customer may result in the deletion and/or de-identification of certain other associated information. FieldSense may retain information pertaining to you for as long as necessary for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. This may include keeping your information after you have deactivated your account for the period of time needed for FieldSense to pursue legitimate business interests, conduct audits, comply with (and demonstrate compliance with) legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements.
With Who Do We Share the Information
Information collected by us is shared, to necessary and reasonable extent, with persons and/or legal entities who aid us render our services to the User. However such persons and legal entities are obligated not to disclose or use the information shared for any purpose other than to facilitate the services, engagements and tasks assigned to them by us. We may have to disclose User information and any service related information with respect to Users, when required by law or in case of legal summons and proceedings. The User will be notified of such disclosure within the period required by statute.
Third-party Services
The User(s) are recommended to check the privacy policy of the third party services that the User(s) may use through the Services or via external links provided on our website to access such third party services. We are not responsible for any privacy issues or service defect that may arise out of the use of third party services irrespective of it being accessed through our website and Services.
How We Share And Disclose Information
This section describes how FieldSense may share and disclose information. Customers determine their own policies and practices for the sharing and disclosure of information, and FieldSense does not control how they or any other third parties choose to share or disclose information.
Data Security
We use industry standards and procedures that are commercially reasonable to secure the User data. While we do use our best efforts to secure the User data, we do not warrant or guarantee the security of any information that the User may transmit to or through the Service or store on the Service. In case of security systems breach, we may attempt to notify the User electronically. Upon notice of security breach either through us or otherwise, the User is required to take appropriate steps to protect User data and to mitigate the loss that may occur due to the breach. If security breach is first noticed by the User it is expected that the User shall report such breach forthwith at
Children’s Privacy
We do not knowingly collect any personal information from children below the age of 16. To the extent prohibited by applicable law, FieldSense does not allow use of Services by anyone younger than 16 years old. If you learn that anyone younger than 16 has unlawfully provided us with personal data, please contact us and we will takes steps to delete such information.
Changes To This Privacy Policy
FieldSense may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make changes that materially alter your privacy rights, FieldSense will provide additional notice, such as via email or through the Services. If you disagree with the changes to this Privacy Policy, you should deactivate your Services account.
Data Protection Officer
To communicate with our Data Protection Officer, please email
Your Rights: Access, Deletion and Modification of User Data
In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, User(s) may, through the Administrator, grant and/or remove access from FieldSense account, assign roles, configure settings, modify, export, share and/or delete User Data other than Business data. . However, the User(s) cannot delete, modify, share, withdraw or provide access to Business Data unless the Customer has consented to the requested action and we receive such request from the Customer directly. .
Contacting FieldSense
Please also feel free to contact FieldSense if you have any questions about this Privacy Notice, or if you are seeking to exercise any of your statutory rights. You may contact us at