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FieldSense Dashboard Overview

In this video, we’ll walk you through the FieldSense dashboard that loads as a default screen when you first log into the web app. We’ll discuss what each metric displays and how it is relevant to your organisation.

FieldSense Dashboard Overview
FieldSense Mobile App User Guide
FieldSense Web-App Overview
FieldSense Admin Interface Overview
FieldSense Admin Interface Overview
Attendance management
Leave management
About leave and attendance
Features leave and attendance
Whitelist your FieldSense App
Using and Managing Departments in FieldSense
Assign Visits from the FieldSense Web App
Configure Multiple Levels of Expense Approval
Allow a User to Update a Customer’s Address From FieldSense’s Mobile App
Add and Map Territories to Customers in FieldSense
Approve Multiple Expense Claims in Bulk
Merge Duplicate Entry of a Customer in FieldSense
Optimise the Battery of Your Mobile Handset
Build a Smart Form in FieldSense Using the Lookup Feature
Use Predefined Lists in Custom Forms
Collaborate With Team-members While on the Field.
Get FieldSense Up and Running in 5-mins
Manage Your Organization's Reporting Structure
Add/Import Users into Your FieldSense Account
Add Customers and then add Visits
Build and Deploy Custom Forms
Using Master Data in Custom Forms
Pin and Add a New Customer
Submit Log Reports
Manage Attendance and Visits From FieldSense Mobile App
View and Download Reports
Pin and save Your Current Location as the Address of Your Customer.
Add a Visit from FieldSense Mobile App.
Import the List All Your Customers into FieldSense
Import the List of All Users into FieldSense
Submit Your Visit Related Expenses Directly from the Field.