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FieldSense Dashboard Overview

In this video, we’ll walk you through the FieldSense dashboard that loads as a default screen when you first log into the web app. We’ll discuss what each metric displays and how it is relevant to your organisation.

FieldSense Mobile App User Guide

Take a tour of all the features of the FieldSense web application that enables the managers and team leaders to stay completely on top of their teams. The web app also includes instant messaging with mobile users for quick interactions.

FieldSense Web-App Overview

This video is a detailed guide for all the first time users. The video demonstrates all the administrative tasks that a field user can perform using FieldSense mobile app while on the field.

FieldSense Admin Interface Overview

A comprehensive guide for the FieldSense Administrator on the settings and configurations possible in your company’s FieldSense account. Explore how to add, edit and delete users, establish appropriate reporting structures, manage customer details if required, build custom

FieldSense Admin Interface Overview

This video is a quick tour of all the features of FieldSense mobile app that will let you use your time most productively while on the field.

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