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Collaborate with Team Members

The My Team interface brings even more convenience for the managers as they can now view the location and activities of their entire team at a glance and complete tasks like scheduling visits and approving/rejecting expense reimbursement claims on the move.

Dashboard & Insights

Optimize your field operations with real-time information of your team.

Interactive Dashboard

FieldSense provides actionable data driven insights that helps you optimize your field operations.  

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For most organizations, managing their field force efficiently is an operationally complex task, typically involving lots of paperwork. Be it a team of technicians or sales staff or a delivery crew, paperwork introduces delays that seem unreasonable in our ‘digital’ world – imagine if online ordering of groceries involved the same amount of paperwork? A key parameter that we use when we examine new features and functionality to add to FieldSense is to check how
Employee Location Tracking – Boon or Bane? The answer may vary depending on your standpoint. For instance, if an organization can place cameras that track activities at the workplace, then wouldn’t it make sense to keep track of activities that are taking place on the field during office hours? There are so many productivity benefits from knowing where precisely field staff are during the course of the day – apart from the obvious benefits of

A Dashboard That Inspires Action

Posted by FieldSense Team on March 14, 2019

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Dashboards are increasingly seen as critical tools for enterprises to derive instant insights and to enable better informed decision-making and data analysis. Businesses actually adopted the term “dashboard” from automobiles. Just like the dashboard in your car shows vital signs that affect your current task, a dashboard for your sales platform provides important information at a glance; keeps you aware of necessary metrics and performance standards. The FieldSense Dashboard aims to provide you with a

Insight-driven businesses have a competitive edge

Posted by FieldSense Team on March 6, 2019

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Category: Blog
With today’s advanced digital tools, it’s possible to glean data from more sources than ever before. But being data-rich doesn’t mean you are insight-rich. Businesses that have learned how to turn data into actionable business information are on their way to dominating the market. FieldSense Business Insights turns the data generated by your field and sales employees into powerful, actionable intelligence. With multiple chart types, and interactive dashboard, FieldSense unveils hidden insights within the field
Biometric systems triggered an interesting efficiency boost to the good old attendance muster – smartly providing access-control, along with the additional benefit of tackling the ‘buddy punch-in’ practice. And most hardware providers also include some kind of software support to store and export the attendance data, making things much more convenient and ‘digital’ for the HR/Payroll operations. So there’s really no disputing the benefits and conveniences of a biometric attendance management system – particularly for

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Offline Mode

The productivity of your field and sales force doesn’t have to stop when there’s no internet connectivity.

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My Team Interface

FieldSense introduces an intuitive dashboard for managers that let them view the location and activities of their entire team at a glance.

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